COVID-19 Update: All Embroidered Items are currently suspended
COVID-19 Update: All Embroidered Items are currently suspended
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Brand Story

The WaveRunner® brings a high tide of exclusive and original clothing inspired by an Ancestral dream. At a time of great difficulty and despair, the founder was gifted a dream of purpose, in the shadow of the moon. The gift in the form of a message, spoke of life’s challenges; how each new wave must be overcome, like stepping-stones, for every adverse facet. It spoke on crossing the ocean and going further than the moon, with the tenacity and ferocity of a shooting star. Through art and garment, the brand works to conceptualise the ideals of this message for all, and aims to inspire the dreamers.



The WaveRunner® logo represents and encapsulates the message. The waves denote the obstacles or stepping-stones on life’s journey. The moon is symbolic of a person’s goals, whilst the shooting star provides inspiration and a reminder to go further. Why an X? X’s often carry a negative connotation (pardon the pun), echoing tones of limitations or disallowance. With our wave’s, you break the cycle.


Be true to yourself

Ride Your Wave.


The WaveRunner®